Project Description

Pearse Plaza Sligo

The Pearse Plaza development is situated on a prominent site off lower Pearse Road, a short walking distance from the centre of Sligo.

The development comprised 5 multi-storey steel framed structures up to 5 stories in height constructed on a 2-level insitu reinforced concrete basement carpark. The site comprised 4m of boulder clay overlying limestone bedrock and the basement excavations required up to 9m of dig. The design provided particular challenges for our structural team. The suspended floors comprise structural screed on hollowcore floor units supported by the steel beams. 

Insitu reinforced concrete lift and stair cores were designed to provide overall stability to the steel superstructures. Structural stability of the reinforced concrete basement structure is provided by the lift and stair cores and the perimeter secant piled wall. Secant piles were installed prior to the excavations for use as retaining walls.

The total area of the project was 13,200m2 which included: Offices/Commercial 7,700m2 and Car Park 5,500m2.

Services Provided by Jennings O’Donovan

Jennings O’Donovan provided Structural and Civil Engineering Design services including: RC Basement Design; RC Concrete Frame; PC Frame Design; Structural Steel Frame Design; Facade Structural Design; Water and Wastewater Sewer Designs; Tender / Contract Documents; Tender Evaluation & Award; and Monitoring of Works Contractors.