Project Description

Oldcastle Sewerage Scheme

The Oldcastle Sewerage Scheme project provided for the construction of a new Wastewater Treatment Plant of 3,000 population equivalent (Stage 1) with provision for an increase to 5,250 population equivalent at Stage 2 together with a main pumping station, network and manholes rehabilitation.  The Wastewater Treatment Plant is an extended aeration plant with activated sludge design and includes sludge thickening, sludge storage and treatment.

The Feasibility and Design Works carried out by Jennings O’Donovan included the following elements:

Wastewater Treatment

  • Condition survey and assessment together with the performance of existing wastewater treatment plant including the capacity and loadings (hydraulic and biological) to meet current and proposed future requirements
  • Assessment of outfall (river) facilities and location of the discharge point
  • Preparation of Environmental Assessment Reports
  • Design of new Wastewater treatment facilities and upgrades with option analyses

Collection Networks

  • Condition survey for pumping installations and rising mains
  • Network Surveys
  • CCTV Survey (Condition) of existing pipelines
  • Manhole Surveys
  • Flow and Organic Load Surveys
  • Preparation and Verification of Hydraulic Models
  • Catchment and Rainfall Surveys
  • Design of Drainage Solutions (Rehabilitation, Upgrade and Extension) in the Oldcastle town area.

Services Provided by Jennings O’Donovan

Included Feasibility Study, Preliminary Report, Environmental Report, Public Sector Benchmarking Report, PPP Assessment Report, Value for Money Report, Energy Efficiency Design Review, Site Investigations, Network Surveys, InfoWorks Model, Detailed Design, Part 8 Planning, Wayleaves, Contract Documents, Tender Administration, Construction Administration, Project Close Out and Handover.