Project Description

Lough Altan Smolt FarmFresh water salmon hatchery developed initially in 1986 for a 0.1 million production.  The farm is located in North West Donegal, in a remote mountain location.  Following extensive research on site selection, this area with its clean mountain catchment waters was selected, due principally to the absence of wild fish and the likely threat of disease transfer.

Its location therefore presented a number of challenges in terms of design and construction of this state of the art facility, required for smolt production.  Water is abstracted from a mountain lake – 450l/s, with a twin 450 diameter supply pipeline passing through extensive bog terrain, over a distance of 1km.

Fresh clean pristine water is employed at the farm with an operating head of 13m approximately at both hatchery and smolt tanks.  All waste water is collected and filtered prior to discharge to a small mountain stream.

Overall approximately 100 smolt tanks are installed, varying in size from 7m diameter down to 3m.

Today, production is increased to 2.5 million smolt which supplies Ireland’s largest fish farming company.  With this increase in production, a major redesign of the waste water plant was carried out in 2005 with all design and construction administration advanced in-house by Jennings O’Donovan & Partners.