Project Description

Ballybofey/Stranorlar Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Ballybofey /Stranorlar Sewerage Scheme provides for the upgrade of the existing waste water treatment plant serving the twin towns of Ballybofey and Stranorlar.  Located on the east bank of the River Finn, the existing plant which was commissioned in 1999 and designed for a p.e. of 4,000 is currently overloaded.  The proposed new works upgrade provides for the expansion of capacity to 12,200p.e. for primary and sludge treatment and 9,200p.e. for secondary treatment.

The scope of the works which is to be undertaken under a DBO contract scheduled to commence in 2017 may be summarised as follows:

  • Design, supply and installation of new coarse screens;
  • Provision of new inlet pump station pumps (storm and foul);
  • Upgrade of the existing inlet works including new fine screens, grit removal and grease separator,
  • New additional storm water tank;
  • Upgrade of the existing biological treatment stage.
  • New biological treatment stage – 2 no. Sequencing Batch Reactors;
  • New additional picket fence thickener;
  • Design, supply and installation of duty/standby centrifuges;
  • Extensive modifications to existing structures to reduce risk of flooding;
  • Extensive site works including flood protection measures, modified road layout and landscaping;
  • All associated works required to fully integrate the existing and proposed works into a fully automated treatment plant.

The contract also includes for the operation of the entire upgraded facilities within the treatment plant site from date of issue of Commissioning Certificate for a period of 12 months.

Services Provided by Jennings O’Donovan

The main consultancy services and technical assistance being provided by Jennings O’Donovan & Partners include:

  • Inputs to Donegal County Sludge Management Plan
  • Preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement for the Wastewater Treatment Plant and Outfall Pipeline.
  • Organising sewer network studies including manhole, CCTV, flow and load, infiltration, sewer rehabilitation, Hydraulic Modelling and GIS.
  • Risk Assessment of overall project including workshop with Council Staff and allocation of specific risks through the contract documents.
  • Preparation of Pre-Qualification documents and evaluation of submissions from Contractors.
  • Preparation of Contract/Tender Documents.
  • Undertaking the role of PSDP.