Project Description

Amasya Wastewater Treatment Project, Turkey

The Amasya Wastewater Treatment project in Turkey comprised the construction of a new 105,000 pe Wastewater Treatment Plant, the construction of 55km of sewer collectors of 200mm to 800mm diameter and 10 submersible intermediate pumping stations.  In addition, over 3,000 house connections were made to the new networks.   The consultancy contract extended to capacity building of the existing water utility in administrative and financial areas as well as the development of a calibrated hydraulic model.   The water utility was re-structured as a semi-autonomous body with full revenue collection authority and now operates in a self-sustaining highly efficient manner with much reduced leakage of treated water. 

The overall Project value was €11,500,000 of which 80% was EU grant aid with 15% state funding and 5% local contribution.

Amasya – “the Green City”

The successful realisation of the project led to Amasya a city with a population of over 100,000 becoming known as ‘the Green City’. Dewatered sludge from the new wastewater treatment plant was transported to the anaerobic digesters of a previously completed EU funded solid waste project where the electricity generated from the biogas produced was sold back to the national power grid. Both projects resulted in a substantial improvement in environmental conditions in the Amasya area and is cited by both Turkish Government and EU as a model outcome.

Achieving EU Criteria

The project also achieved the main EU criteria in that the ‘polluter pays’ principle was applied extensively and the requirements of the Urban Wastewater Directive and the Waste Regulations achieved.

Flood Protection Measures

The plant was sited in a low-lying area beneath the specified 500-year flood level of the adjacent Yeşilirmak river.   Each element of the wastewater treatment plant was assessed in consideration of the 500 year flood level.  Design and drawings were finalised for the construction of 700m of 4m high earthen embankment which would contain any flood in the immediate vicinity of the wastewater treatment plant.

Sensitive Aesthetic Treatment

The wastewater treatment plant is sited in an agricultural rural environment surrounded by farmhouses and orchards.  The treatment of the finished wastewater treatment buildings was sensitive to this requirement, rustic in nature and in aesthetic accord with the natural environs.

Services Provided by Jennings O’Donovan

  • Technical Assistance & Capacity Building in Administrative and Financial issues with Tariff Review & Financial Performance Improvement Plan
  • TA & Capacity Building in Technical, Operation and Maintenance issues
    • GIS Training & Mapping for WS and WW Networks
    • Non Revenue Water (NRW) and Leakage Detection Programme
    • Hydraulic Modelling of Water network
    • Assisting in preparation of Water Resource Protection Plan
    • Sludge Management Plan and Strategy
    • Working Study Tour.
    • Formal & Informal Training in: PRAG Procurement; Contract Management; FIDIC Conditions; Project Control and Reporting; Project Accounting & Disbursement; Reviewing Tender Documents; Environmental, Health & Safety procedures; Public Consultation and Public Relations (PR); Monitoring PIP; Support to PIU during Works Phase; Project Monitoring techniques; Support in Works Design, Tendering, Tender Evaluation & Contract award.